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About Us

Hello and welcome to the ARGS website. 

If you are here, I guess that means that you are interested in the channel – so thank you! 


Made for 21st century geopolitics.


Currently,  AR Global Security is a multi-platform media organisation mainly based on TikTok and on YouTube, however, I am hoping to expand it into numerous platforms and formats – including an ARGS app, as well as growing and expanding this website into a fully functioning and intricate source of geopolitical news, trends and information.    

For now, most ARGS content is written and edited by myself (Ross), however, I hope to use any proceeds from the channel to bring in new people to write even more content, helping to expand the channel further. 

If you fancy helping grow this channel, then please do not hesitate to consider supporting on Patreon – something that comes with numerous perks. 

“Non-Aligned” Geopolitics

As simple and as futile as it sounds, ARGS aspires to be the most impartial, most accurate, and most fair source of information in the geopolitical media space – it really is as straightforward as that. 

In an age of great financialisation, “clickbait” journalism, and with a constantly and rapidly evolving international stage, companies, organisations, and geopolitically interested individuals alike, want and need impartial and accurate geopolitical information – AR Global Security is here to provide this. 

Looking to the past and to the future

In addition to being accurate, impartial, and agile, ARGS also looks to and draws upon both the future and the past when crafting our analysis.

We/I do not believe in outdated concepts in geopolitics and international relations such as “the East” and “the West” or the “third world” – these outdated concepts are no longer reflective of the geopolitical world in which we now find ourselves. Instead, ARGS uses a blend of empiricism, realism, and classical geopolitical theory when forecasting and analysing geopolitics.

The Cold War is over

ARGS also views the world in a fundamentally different way to many media and news organisations, as well as many “think tanks”. One only has to look to many “legacy” media sources in both Europe and North America today to see remnants of the dualistic cold war era approach to geopolitics, which can often “cloud” and “taint” analysis – at ARGS, we seek to avoid this.

The end of the “Cold War” between the Soviet Union and the United States wrought many geopolitical changes, and arguably, marked the end of a geopolitical paradigm, and the start of an interlude period that lasted from 1991 to 2014. This interlude period would end when Russia initiated its takeover of the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine in 2014 – bringing in the new geopolitical paradigm of multipolarism in which we find ourselves today.

It is this multipolar paradigm which ARGS considers to be the new geopolitics – not the Cold War paradigm of old.


“All wars are hybrid” – or so the saying goes – however, we believe that by examining geopolitical and world events through the prism of “hybridity” or “hybrid” warfare, we can achieve a “full spectrum” of coverage. In simple terms, this means that we approach everything we cover through the lenses of “Kinetic”, “Political” or “Cyber” – not leaving any blind spots.

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